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Chapter 8

Chap 8 notes

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York University
BIOL 1000
Julie Clark

Bio 1000 Notes on Chapter 8 Cell communicationy Within multicellular organisms activities of individual cells are directed by molecular signals such as hormones that are released by controlling cellsy Controlling cells release many signals receiving cells have receptors that are tuned to recognize only a few signal molecules y Remaining signal molecules just pass by cause the cell does not have receptors for them y When a cell binds signal molecule via receptormodifies its internal activities depending on the signals instructions y Does this in accordance to other cells of the organism y Responses that may occur in a receiving molecule are changesin gene activity protein synthesis transportation of molecules across membrane metabolic reactions secretions movement and division y Some cases cell response could be cell death y Receiving cell itself may become a signaler and contribute to cell communicationy Entire network of cells allow organism to grow develop and reproduce etcFrom Lecture slidesCells need to talk communicate with one another in order to work together and make things happen eg a muscle contraction results from many nerve cells neurons and muscle cells communicating with one another If a nerve cell neuron cannot talk to the muscle cell no contraction will occur Cell communicationResponse or Event y Cell communication is critical for function and survival of cells one instance is the growth and development of an animal and integrated activities of its tissues and organs Cells communicate with each other in 3 ways1 Adjacent cells use direct channels of communication rapid means in which small molecules and ions exchange directly between the two cytoplasms In animal cellsdirect channels of communication are gap junctions specialized connections between cytoplasm and adjacent cellsrole is to synchronize metabolic activitieselectric signals between cells in a tissue EX Key role in spread of electrical signals from one cell to next in cardiac muscle Plants have plasmodesmata moving between adjacent cells regulates growth
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