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Chapter 13.4

BIOL 1001 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13.4: Bioprospecting, Species Richness, Ecosystem Services

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

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1.- Why is Biodiversity Iportat?
Economic Benefits of Biodiversity
Wild species provide raw materials to fuel the development of hua’s societies
Seek banks: scientists preserve diverse strain of crop plants in seed banks for long term storage
Pollination of Crops
Bioprospecting: research focuses on assessing bacteria, archaea, plants, fungi and animals as
sources of drugs or ingredients in consumer products
Bioremediations: strategies for cleaning up oil spills, abandoned mines, contaminated industrial
Ecotourism’s: recreation based on visiting wild places. Major industry
Flood Control
Benefits of biodiversity extends beyond the direct use of diverse genes & species by humans to
include ecosystem services- processes that increase the quality of abiotic environment
Biological Benefits of Biodiversity
Biodiversity Increase Productivity
Species richness affects the ecosystems functions: the production of biomass
Net priary produtios is iportat / it’s a soure of heial eergy used by species
throughout the food web
Biomass levelled off as species richness & functional diversity increased. Increasing species
diversity improves ecosystem function only up to a point
3 Mechanism
Resources use Efficiency: diversification makes more efficient use of sunlight, water & nutrients
available & thus leads to greater overall productivity
Facilitations: certain species or functional groups facilitate the growth of other species by
providing them with nutrients, shade, etc.
Sampling Effect: in habitats, its common to observe species that are extreme productive.
Does Biodiversity Lead to Stability?
1. Must withstand a disturbance without changing
2. Recover to former levels of productivity or species richness after a disturbance
3. Maintain productivity & other aspects of ecosystem function as conditions change over time
Resistances a measure if how much a community is affect by a disturbance
Resilience: a measure of how quickly a community recovers after a disturbance
Communities that are more diverse appear to be more productive more resistant to
disturbances & invasion & more resilient than communities that are less diverse. Increases
species richness increases the services provides by ecosystem
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