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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Genetic Drift: any change in allele frequency in a population that is due to chance • Random • When drift occurs allele frequencies change due to blind luck aka sampling error, drift occurs in every population in every generation o In class flipped a coin - when a parent mates and gives offspring, he/she is going to get one trait from the mom and the other from the dad, flipping a coin makes it random of what the offspring receives like drift • Small versus large population o A small population will go to a fixed allele much quicker and a loss in the other allele trait this leads to diminishing genetic variation o Where as in a large population the frequencies are maintained relatively 1. Genetic drift is random with respect to fitness 2. Genetic drift is pronounced in small populations 3. Over time genetic drift can lead to the random loss or fixation of alleles • Many populations are being drastically reduced in size by habitat destruction and other human activities • Zoos or nature reserves are more likely to genetic drift • Genetic marker: a specific allele that causes a specific phenotype • Genetic drift decreased genetic variation within populations and increased genetic differences between populations • Since drift is caused by sampling error it can only occur by any process or event that involves sampling o Not only during fertilization or accidents to individuals also founders effect and bottleneck Founders effect : a change in allele frequency that occurs when a new population is established • New populatio
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