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Phylogenetic's - Bio 1001 (p 8 -9) 1.4 The Tree of Life • Over the past several decades, biologists have also documented dozens of cases in which natural selection has caused populations of one species to diverge and form new species The divergence process is called speciation • • speciation has 2 important implications: all species come from pre- existing species; and all species past and present, trace ancestry back to a single common ancestor • tree of life; a family tree of organisms • If life on Earth arose just one, then such a diagram would describe the genealogical relationships between species with a single, ancestral species at its base The Tree of Life is a Work in Progress • Just as researching your family tree can help you understand who you are and where you came from, the tree of life helps biologists understand the relationships between organisms and the history of species How Should we name Branches on the Tree of Life? • The effort to name and classify organisms is called taxonomy • Any named group is called a taxon • Woese proposed a new taxonomic category called the domain • The 3 domains of life are the Bacteria, Archea and Eukarya • Biologists often use the term phylum, to refer to major lineages within each domain Each phylum is considered a major branch on the tree of life • • One thing that hasn't changed for centuries is the naming system of individuals Scientific (Species) naming • In 1735, Carolus Linnaeus created a two-part name unique to each type of organism: • The first part indicates the organisms genus; a genus is made up of a closely related group of species • For example; Linnaeus put humans in the genus Homo • The second term in the two part name identifies the organisms species • Linnaeus gave humans the species name sapiens • An organisms genus and species designation is called its scientific name • Scientific names are alway
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