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Chapter 112 The Cell TheoryTheory An explanation for a very general case of phenomena or observationsthe cell theory and they theory of evolution address fundamental questionsoWhat are organisms made ofoWhere do they come fromWhen these concepts emerged in the mid 1800s they established two of the five attributes of life organisms are cellular and their populations change over timeThe cell theory emerged when Robert Hooke used a crude microscope to examine the structure of cork from an oak tree oAllowed Hooke to observe small pore like compartments that were visible to the naked eyeThese structures came to be called cells Anton van Leeuwenhoek oAfter hooke published his work this guy succecced indeveloping a much more powerful microscope capable of magnification of 300X Are All Organisms Made Up of CellsSmallest organisms are bacteria Bacteria consist of a single cellCell a highly orgaized compartment that is bounded by a thin flexible structure called a plasma that is bounded bya thin flexible structure called a plasma memberane and that contains concentrated chemicals in an aqueous watery solution The chemical reactions that sustain life take place inside cellsMost cells are capable of reproducing by dividing by making copies of themselvesWhere Do Cells Come FromScientific theories have 2 componentsoDescribes pattern in the natural worldoIdentifies mechanisms or process that is responsible for creating that pattern Cell Theory all organisms are made up of cells and all cells come from preexisting cellsHypothesis a proposed explanation explanation for more tightly focused questions Eg spontaneous generation cells springing to life out of nonliving materialsAllcellsfromcells Hypothesis cells do not spring into life spontaneously but are but are only produced when preexisting cells grow and dividePrediction something that can be measured and that must be correct if the hypothesis is valid Louis Pasteur wanted to determine whether microorganisms could rise spontaneously in a nutrient broth or whether they appear only when a broth is exposed to a source of preexisitng cells oCreated 2 treatment groups Broth that was exposed to a source of preexisting cellsBroth that was not exposed to a source of preexisting cells
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