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Chapter 6

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Chapter 662 Tools for Studing History The Fossil Record Only the fossil record provies direct evidence about what organisms that lived in the past looked like where they lived and when they existed Fossilpiece of physical evidence from an organism that lived in the pastFossil Record total collection of fossils that have been found throughout the worldhoused in thousands of private and public collectionsHow do Fossils FormMost of the processes that form fossils begin when part or all of the organism is buried in ash sand mud or some type of sediment Preservation After BurialOnce burial occurs several things can happenoIf decomposition does not occur the organic remains can be preserved intactoIf sediments accumulate on top of the material and become sedimented into rocks the sediments weight can compress the organic material below into a thin carbonaceous film Fossilization is a Rare EventLimitations of the Fossil RecordHabitat BiasoOrganisms that live in areas where sediments are actibely being deposited including beaches mudflats and swaps are much more likely to form fossils than are organisms that l
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