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Chapter 3

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Tamara Kelly

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31 The Evolution of Evolutionary Thought A scientific revolution overturns an existing idea about how nature works and it replaces it with another radically different ideaPlato and Typological ThinkingTypological Thinking based on the idea that species are unchanging tpes and that variations within species are unimportant or even misleading Aristotle and the Great Chain of BeingAristotles claimsoSpecies are fixed typesoSome species are higherin the sense of being more complex or betterthan others Lamarck and the Idea of Evolution as Change through TimeWhen Lamarck claimed that simple organisims originate at the base of the chain by spontaneous generation and then evolve by moving up the chain over timeLamarckian evolution is progressive in the sense it is always producing larger and more complex or better speciesLamarck also contended that species change through time via the interitance of acquired characters The idea here is that an indiciduals phenotype changes as that individual develops in response to the challenge posed by the environment and these phenotypic changes are passed on to offspring Population consists of individuals
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