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Chapter 1

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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

1 What does it mean to say something is alive p1Organisma life form a living entity made up of one or more cellsDefining characteristics of life1 Energyan organism must acquire and use energy2 Cells An organism must be made up of one or more cells3 InformationAn organism must process genetic information encoded in genes4 ReplicationGoal of an organism is to reproducereplicate itself5EvolutionOrganisms are the product of evolution continue to evolve2 The cell theory p2Theory An explanation for a general class of phenomenaor observations refer to proposed explanations for patterns in natureHypothesis Used to refer to explanations for tightly focused questionsCella highly organized compartment that is bounded by a thin flexible structure called a plasma membrane andcontains concentrated chemicals in an aqueous solutionPredictionSomething that can be measured and that must be correct if a hypothesis is validCell theory along with theory of evolution by natural selection are two groundbase theories for biologyCell theory established 2 characteristics of life that organisms are made up of cells and o
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