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Chapter 17

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York University
BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

17 MicroevoutionGenetic changes within populationsPenicillin was the first antibiotic drug based on a valuably occurring substance that kills bacteriaHow do bacteria become resistant to antibiotic The gnomes of bacteria vary among individuals and some bacteria have geneticthat allows them to withstand attack by antibiotics when we give antibiotics to the infected patient we create an environment friendlybacteria that are even slightly resistant to the drug The surviving bacteria reproduces and the microorganisms become more common in the later generationThe evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria is an example of a microevolution a heritable change in the genetics of the populationA population of organisms include all the individuals of a sigh species that live together in the same space and time Darwin recognized the importance of heritable variation within populations he also realized thatselection can change the pattern of rauationin a population from one generation to the next 171 Variation in natural populationPhenotypic variationthein appearance or function are passed from generation to generation 171a Evolutionary biologists describe and quantify phenotypic variationQuantitative variation Individuals differ in small environmental waysQualitative variation They exist in 2 or more discrete states intermediate forms are often absent ex Snow gasses have either blue or white feathersThe existence of discrete varieties of achaselces is called polymorphismBiochemical polymorphisms human blood ab ab o
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