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BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Human Evolution LOs1 Describe the key adaptation that distinguish humans from nonhuman primatesa Upright posture and bipedal locomotion are key adaptations distinguishing hominids from apes 2 Explain why humans are more correctly described as sharing common ancestry with chimpanzees rather than the incorrect descended from chimpanzeesa A common ancestor diverged into chimpanzees and humans meaning it was not anagensis but it was cladogensis3 Explain how chimpanzee are modern human most closely related species and vice versa a Humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor and through their chromosome analysis they found that there was only a few chromosome differences 4 Describe the hypotheses for the evolution of bipedalism in humana Because of the rise of Savannas in Africa which is the depletion of trees and forest the hominids did not have an advantage in arboreal setting since they all had to walk through Savannas natural selection selected against the four legged animals and kept the two legged because it was more efficient 5 Describe the evidence supporting African ancestry of homininsa A research team failed doctors lawls they found the greatest variation in mitochondrial DNA in Africans b The great variation meant that Africa was the original population the founder population the people that left Africa have less genetic diversity this is called founders effect c All humans have a single mitochondrial DNA of African origin 6 Explain the evidence that suggest that Denisova hominins are a separate migration out of Africa compared to Neanderthals or m
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