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Chapter 9


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York University
BIOL 2021
Patricia Lakin- Thomas

Chapter 9 Microscopy Normal light microscope in which the image is obtained by simple Brightfield Microscope transmission of light through the object being viewed Cell Doctrine All plant and animal tissues are aggregates of individual cells Confocal Microscope Microscope which manipulates light prior to measurement Microscope in which the illuminating rays of light are directed from the side Darkfield Microscope so that only scattered light enters the microscope lenses Type of light microscope that exploits the interference effects that occur DifferentialInterferencewhen light passes through parts of a cell of different refractive indexes Used Contrast Microscope to view unstained living cells Electron Microscope Microscope that uses a beam of electrons to create the image Technique for viewing 3D specimens in the electron microscope in which ElectronMicroscope EM multiple views are taken from different directions by tilting the specimen Tomography holder The views are combined computationally to give a 3D image Microscope designed to view material stained with fluorescent dyes Similar to a light microscope but the illuminating light is passed through one set of Fluorescence Microscope filters before the specimen to select those wavelengths that excite the dye and through another set of filters before it reaches the eye to select only those wavelengths emitted when the dye fluoresces FRAP Technique for monitoring kinetic parameters of a protein by Fluorescence Recovery analyzing how fluorescent molecules move into an area of the cell bleached After Photobleaching by a beam of laser light Fluorescence Resonance FRET Technique for monitoring the closeness of two fluorescentlylabeled Energy Transfer molecules and thus their interaction in cells Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Green fluorescent protein In microscopy the smallest distance apart at which two point objects can be Limit of Resolution resolved as separate Just under 02mm for conventional light microscopy a limit determined by the wavelength of light A focused laser beam used to trap microscopic particles and move them Optical Tweezers about at will Type of light microscope that exploits the interference effects that occur Phasecontrast microscope when light passes through material of different refractive indexes Used to view living cells Synthesis of an inactive form of the fluorescent molecule of interest Photoactivation introduction into the cell and then activation of it suddenly at a chosen site in cell by focusing a light on it Scanning Electron SEM Type of electron microscope that produces an image of the surface of Microscope an object
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