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Chapter 17

Textbook notes for chapter 17 page 415-419 of custom text book

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York University
BIOL 2900
Tanya Cnoel

Chapter 17Page 415419Methods microbiologist use to identify bacteria o the level of genus and species fall into 3 main categories1Phenotype Includes a consideration of morphologymicroscopic and macroscopic as well as bacterial physiology or biochemistry2Immunologic entails analysis of the blood serology3Genotype Genetic techniqueUsed to produce profile of each bacterium Genetic means of identification are being used as a sole resource for identifying bacteria more often Genetic analyses provide a more acute and speedy way of identifying microbe Serology highly reliable procedure for some diseases and is still favoured as a screening method for large numbers of people Phenotypic MethodsMicroscopic morphology traits can be valuable to identication cell shape size gram stain reaction acidfast reaction and special structure endospores granules capsules Analysis also used to evaluate specimen quality prior to culturing which helps to narrow causative agent as bacterial fungal protozoan Electron microscope pint point structural features cell wall flagella pili fimbriae Macroscopic Morphology Traits that assessed with naked eye useful for diagnosis Includes appearance of growth texture size shape pigment of colonies speed of growth reaction to special types of selective and differential media Physiologicalbiochemical Characteristicstraditional mainstay of bacterial identification Enzymes and other biochemical properties of bacteria are reliable and stable expression of the chemical identity of each species Diagnos
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