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1. Immediate hypersensitivity: An exaggerated immune response mediated by antibody (type I and II) or antigen-antibody complexes (type III) that manifests within minutes to hours after exposure of a sensitized individual to antigen. Delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH):Atype IV hypersensitive response mediated by sensitized TH cells, which release various cytokines and chemokines. The response generally occurs 2 to 3 days after TH cells interact with antigen. 2. Some people, referred to as atopic, are predisposed to generate IgE (mainly memory antibodies) antibodies against common environmental antigens. - Many allergens have enzymatic activities that affect immune response - Many allergens have PAMPs - Third, many allergens enter the host via mucosal tissues at very low concentrations, which tend to predispose the individual to generate TH2 responses, leading to B-cell secretion of IgE. 3.. - Present on mast cells, easinophils, and basophils - Binding of Ig to these receptors results in the degranulation of cells - These mediators act on surroun
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