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Chapter 10

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York University
Communication Studies
COMN 1000
David Skinner

COMN 1000 Chapter 10- Media and Behavior  The chapter opens with a rhetoric question  Joseph Klapper- around the 60s he held a position on the media influence called the limited effects model. When and if media affect behavior, they do so with a web of other influencing factors such as personality, characteristics, social culture, mindset etc.  There are two different perspectives on the manner in which media affects society. Whereas some believe that it heavily affects and the others believe that it has limited effect.  Example: presidential campaign of 1992- he criticized the tv program called murphy brown because the title character had a child out of wedlock and thus was an attack on family values- he believed that it would affect people’s behavior.  Behavior is one of the most essential factors in mediamaking.  Effects of violence and sexuality in the media and the effects on children.  Sex and the youth- what role does media play in the sexual behavior that young people engage in  1950s- rise in aggressive behavior in young people  social scientists commissioned in the payne fund studies- to examine film’s effects on youth. One of the most wildly sighted volumes were Herbert blumer’s movies and conduct-  The primary source through which research is done on this subject is through the transmission model of comn.  It is believed that if the two models were complimentary, we would
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