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Chapter 1

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Communication Studies
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Mass communications in Canada: Chapter 1 – Media And Society • Media is a part of our lives; it helps us decide what we need or want, why we care and who we are. • Media is how the government can communicate with the people. o Businesses develop and communicate with customers. • Media is the central vehicle for controlling the world’s economy and the movements of goods and services around the world. • Media has also helped introduced people to different cultures around the world, and even keeps some of the immigrants in touch with the culture of the country that they came from. • Media also helps generate a global cultural consciousness thought celebratory media events, such as the Olympics, fifa world cup, and even disasters such as Haiti and Japan. o It also helps us raise our consciousness with our roles in impending environmental disasters, such as global warming. • The internet has become a major industry along with traditional media such as broadcasting, film, newspaper and book publishing, and music. o The internet is not completely replacing the traditional media. The internet is just another vehicle for the distribution of the traditional media. o The internet is only challenging and changing the ways the traditional media operate, not replacing them. o For example, Napster and pirate bay was expected to be the death of the music industry, but instead it helped adapt to the popularity and revenues of new sites such as itunes, which proves that the music industry was very much still alive. o Most of the news on the web comes from traditional sources. • The telegram was one of the most revolutionary forms of communications media. It meant that letters and other forms of communication were no longer needed to be physically transported. • It was the telegram that helped ‘shrink space through time’. o This was similar to the internet and social networking sites. Such as facebook, it shortened the time to accomplish or co-ordinate actions at a distance. We can easily communicate with them, as if they were just right beside us with the types of communication we have today. Mass communications in Canada: Chapter 1 – Media And Society • However, the telegraph was not always efficient, sometimes the weather would and other natural hazards would affect it. • The television was first demonstrated in the 1920s and it had started elbowing the radio off in the 1950s making the radio seem
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