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Morality and crime: War on Drugs

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CRIM 1650
James Williams

Morality and Crime: The War On Drugs Objectivities: 1) Politics and criminal Justice Policy: “The War on Drugs’ 2) Alternatives to the “War on Drugs:” Decriminalization an legalization 3) Irrationality of Drug policy and barriers to reform 1) Ronald Regan Neo-conservatism and the contemporary “war on drugs” - Jimmy carter: welcoming to criminal law; nations drug problems - 1981: Ronald Regan = republican; concerned with the economic stag nation; improve the economy. - Philosophy that would allow him to pursue his course of actions; a way to justify to the American public that this massive cut-back was good for them; implication= if problems are rooted by an individual, the cutback would be easier - Emerging use of drugs as scapegoat as a whole variety of social problems; including the problem of crime: to the extent that substance abusive emerged from other social problems. - Also had the media and it played a key role; revolved around `Crack ‘cocaine; it`s addictive and cheap 2) Principles and tactics - Expansion based on 2 key principles: a) Reduce Supply: supply of drugs to the US market... proper radication; domestic Drugs- took off increasingly; establishment of stricter and tough
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