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ECON 4400

CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCELearning ObjectivesLO1 The basic types of financial management decisions and the role of the financial managerLO2The financial implications of the different forms of business organizationLO3The goal of financial managementLO4The conflicts of interests that can arise between managers and ownersLO5The roles of financial institutions and marketsAnswers to Concepts Review and Critical Thinking Questions1LO1 Capital budgeting deciding on whether to expand a manufacturing plant capital structure deciding whether to issue new equity and use the proceeds to retire outstanding debt and working capital management modifying the firms credit collection policy with its customers LO12LO2 Disadvantages unlimited liability limited life difficulty in transferring ownership hard to raise capital funds Some advantages simpler less regulation the owners are also the managers3LO2 The primary disadvantage of the corporate form is the double taxation to shareholders of distributed earnings and dividends Some advantages include limited liability ease of transferability ability to raise capital unlimited life and so forth4LO4 The treasurers office and the controllers office are the two primary organizational groups that report directly to the chief financial officer The controllers office handles cost and financial accounting tax management and management information systems while the treasurers office is responsible for cash and credit management capital budgeting and financial pl
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