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EDUC 3900 Chapter --: Jan 17 - Module #2- Media and Critical Literacy (Part II)

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York University
EDUC 3900
Dejan Ivkovic

Module #2: Media and Critical Literacy (Part II) Semiotic Toolkit for Popular Culture Analysis The Co-Inventors of Semiology/Semiotics - Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913) - Swiss Linguist - Signifier/Signified - Thing you see (signifier) - Message you receive (signified) - We have different representations - Graphic representations - Written representations - Charles Sanders Perce (1839-1914) - American Philosopher - Worked as an engineer Semiosis (meaning making and meaning production) - the production and comprehension of signs. the ongoing development overt time of the meanings of a sign Semiosphere - the sphere of semiosis in which sign processes operate in the set of all interconnected worlds/environments/settings Signified: the immaterial aspects of a sign; that which the signifier represents. may be approached only through the signifiers of any given text Signifier: the material aspect — an image, object, sound of a sign. Signifiers tend to take on meaning through opposition to other possible alternative signifiers not represented in a given syntagm. (Clothing choice) Signs: school bell means class is over, stop sign means stop, etc - “One could . . . assign to semiology a vast field of inquiry. if everything which has meaning within a culture is a sign and therefore an object of semiological investigation, semiology would come to include most disciplines of the humanities and the social sciences. Any domain of human activity--be it music, architecture, cooking, etiquette, advertising, fashion, literature--could be approached in semiological terms—” Jonathan Culler Code: In semiotics, the usually unstated rules that govern the interpretation of a sign or signs. Denotation: The literal meaning of an expression. The first order of signifier. Connotation: The suggestive or associative sense of an expression that extends beyond its
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