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PENGUIN READERS Teachers notes LEVEL 6 Teacher Support Programme The Woman in White Wilkie Collins starts his new job, teaching art to two half sisters, Laura Fairlie and Marian, whose parents are both dead. He falls in love with Laura, who closely resembles the woman in white, but Laura marries another man, as she promised to her father. She is unhappy, as her husband is interested only in her money. He also has a terrible secret that the woman in white knows. He and his sinister friend plot to steal Lauras money by substituting the woman in white for Laura. But Lauras husband dies in a fire trying to eliminate the traces of his forgery. Laura and Walter reunite and get married. PART 1 Chapter 1: One night Walter meets a strange woman About the author dressed all in white. They talk together and Walter is very Wilkie (William) Collins can be described as the author much surprised to hear the woman talking about the place of the first full-length detective stories in English. Born in and the family he is on his way to see. Before he can ask London in 1824, he was the son of a landscape painter. her any questions, she disappears. He was educated at private schools, but received his real Chapter 2: Walter goes to Cumberland. At Limmeridge education on a two-year tour of Italy with his family. He House he meets his pupils, Marian and Laura, who trained as a lawyer, but became a full-time writer in his are half-sisters. Walter notices that Laura resembles the early twenties. During the 1860s, with the publication woman in white very much. He tells Marian about the of novels of mystery, suspense and crime, he became strange woman. She is keen to help him solve the mystery. a household name. Of these novels, TheWoman in Chapter 3: Walter enjoys his life at Limmeridge House. White (1860) and The Moonstone (1868) were the most successful, and are still widely read today. He falls in love with Laura and makes friends with Marian. But Marian advises him to leave Limmeridge Collins was very highly thought of by contemporary House, because Laura is engaged to baronet Sir Percival critics and his books were widely read in both America Glyde, who is coming soon. Laura receives an anonymous and Europe. The famous British author Charles Dickens warning against her future marriage, and Walter was his friend and mentor, and like Dickens, Collins was remembers the woman in white talking about some a tireless social campaigner. After 1870, Collinss novels wicked and cruel baronet. He thinks the warning letter concentrated more on social issues such as prostitution is from that woman. and vivisection than on good story-telling. Chapter 4: Walter goes to the churchyard to see the Collins suffered from gout, and was addicted to opium for strange woman who was seen there. They meet and she the last twenty-seven years of his life (at the time, opium gives him her name, Anne Catherick, and that she has was considered to be a safe painkiller). Collinss private life escaped from the asylum where Sir Percival shut her up. was unconventional: he had two mistresses and married Then she gets frightened and runs away. neither of them, although he had three children by one, Martha Rudd. He died in 1889. Chapter 5: Before Walter goes away, he and Marian go to the village to find Anne Catherick to talk to her. When they arrive, they find that Anne has already gone. Summary Late one night on a lonely road a young art teacher, Walter Chapter 6: Mr Gilmore, the family lawyer, comes to Hartright, meets a strange woman dressed all in white. draw up the marriage settlement. He sends a copy of the They talk together and Walter is puzzled by the fact that warning letter to Sir Percival asking for an explanation. the woman knows a member of the family he is about to Walter leaves Limmeridge House. Laura is very unhappy start work with. Walter goes to Limmeridge House and as she is in love with Walter. c Pearson Education Limited 2008 The Woman in White - Teachers notes 1 of 5 www.notesolution.comPENGUIN READERS Teachers notes LEVEL 6 Teacher Support Programme The Woman in White Chapter 7: Sir Percival Glyde comes to Limmeridge there. But Anne never appears. Sir Percival reads Annes House and explains that Annes mother used to be his note to Laura and becomes frustrated. loyal servant. To thank her, he paid for her daughter Anne, Chapter 6: Marian eavesdrops on Sir Percival and Count who has mental problems, to be placed in an asylum. Fosco plotting to obtain Lauras money in the event of her Marian writes a letter to Mrs Catherick and receives death. Count Fosco asks about the woman he has seen confirmation that this is true. After that Laura agrees with Laura in the boathouse. Sir Percival explains it is to marry Sir Percival, as she does not want to break her Anne Catherick and says that by coincidence, she looks promise to her late father. as if his wife would look after a long illness. Chapter 8: When discussing the marriage settlement, Sir Percival insists on having his wifes money in case of her Chapter 7: When spying on Sir Percival and Count Fosco, Marian becomes so terribly ill and is bedridden. death. Mr Gilmore does not like the idea. As Laura is not Sir Percival closes up Blackwater Park, and Count Fosco twenty-one yet, he visits her uncle, Mr Fairlie, to discuss it. But Mr Fairlie agrees to Sir Percivals claims. moves to London. Laura is told that he has taken Marian with him and she also leaves for London. But Marian is Chapter 9: Walter leaves for Central America for eighteen still at Blackwater Park. She had been moved to another months. Lauras wedding date is decided 22 December room. in four weeks time. Sir Percival tries to find Anne Chapter 8: Lady Glyde arrives at Count Foscos house. Catherick, but she is gone. Sir Percival and Laura get She looks very frightened and very ill. The next day she married and leave for Italy. dies. Lady Glydes body is sent to Limmeridge and buried in her mothers grave. PART 2 Chapter 1: Six months later Marian comes to Blackwater Chapter 9: Walter Hartright returns to Britain, where he Park, Sir Percivals house, where she learns that Mrs learns about Lauras death. He goes to Limmeridge to visit Catherick has secretly visited to find out any news about Lauras grave, as he still love
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