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'The Fem Question' By Joan Nestle

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EN 2012
Terry Goldie

The Fem Question By Joan NestleEN 2012Professor Terry GoldieJan 31 2011 Hard to explain the special nature of butchfem relationships to feminists and lesbian feminists who consider butchfem a reproduction of heterosexual models and therefore dismiss both lesbian communities of the past and of the present that assert this style Butchfem means a way of looking loving and living that can be expressed by individuals couples or a community In the past the butch has been labeled too simplistically the masculine partner and the fem her feminine counterpart This labeling forgets two women who have developed their styles for specific erotic emotional and social reasons Butchfem relationships were complex erotic and social statements not phony heterosexual replicas They were filled with a deeply lesbian language of stance dress gesture love courage and autonomy In the 1950s particularly butchfem couples were the frontline warriors against sexual bigotry Many lesbians dismiss the author as a victim a woman who could do nothing else because she didnt know any better but the truth of her life tells a
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