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One is Not Born a Woman - Monique Wittig - P1

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EN 2012
Terry Goldie

One is Not Born a Woman By Monique Wittig EN2012Professor Terry GoldieJanuary 31 2011 Part II They did not believe like Darwin however that women were less evolved than men but they did believe that male and female natures had diverged in the course of evolutionary development and that society at large reflected this polarization The failure of early feminism was that it only attacked the Darwinist charge of female inferiority while accepting the foundations of this chargenamely the view of woman as unique They still believed as men do that the cause origin of their oppression lay within themselves Found themselves at an impasse out of a lack of reasons to fight They upheld the illogical principle of equality in difference They fell back into the trap which threatens us once again the myth of womanThus it is our historical task and only ours to define what we call oppression in materialist terms to make it evident that women are a class which is to say that the category woman as well as the category man are political and economic categories not eternal ones Our fig
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