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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

MunibaAbdulAzizweek7Oct252013Urban Regions IIUrban Decentralization SuburbanizationParkers views are that novels written around the time after the world war two identified in their content democratic socialism and addressed the demand created by the housing shortages for the war workers and veterans This set the scene of the many ways lower middleclass and especially colored people were overlooked As in an interview Mr Day explains the railway line is the dividing line those who live below are not thought of as being high class as those who live above Parker 76 while referring to the geographical division of classes in Woodford Further ways of this marginalization is seen as workingclass relies on the state for affordable accommodation and is subject to its whims while upper middleclass is not Gans talks about how in London white working class thought they were special who other people should serve and protect and certain jobs and residential locations were beneath this white supremacy When he tried to bring middleclass in contact with WestEnders the upper white class they refused and hardly participated because of their fear of inferiority and deficiency of the lower middle class societyParker and Haydens readings both give us the same kind of microscope to look at how housing flourished in whitesupreme racial suburbs called sitcom suburbs because they were like the sitcoms you see on the television of the perfect house and family with the American way of life Parker says these Levittowners were Catholics Jews nonreligious people that came together for common causes like child care because they were all white and lived in the same neighbourhood Adding to this picture Hayden talks about a community called Levittown created my Levitt and Sons who used standardi
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