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ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

MunibaAbdulAzizwk8Nov72013Urban Regions IIIThe New Urban RegionIn Kings excerpt the suburb is explained as a spatially detached area from the city with households spatially separate from each other resulting from imperialistic and colonial ideas and policies The modern suburbia consists of increasing commoditization and a shopping economy that changed class identities and catered the suburbia to the white middleclass and rich populous This is evident from the three spatial forms of suburban life the villa the veranda and the bungalow All of these housetypes consisted of large rooms that needed servants to look after them symbolizing a status quo of the elite Sojas reading adds to this view that suburbia is a voluntary residential suburbanization of the wealthy elite and has left the inner city working class dominant and the outer city middleclass dominant He talks about the wealthy searching for better housing and transportation since they could afford cars this become the driving force of suburbanization and sprawl These suburbs come in many pseudosuburb styles one of which is a suprurb or globurb A globurb consists of new migrant communities and commercial and cultural centers evident of many malls temples festivals and transnational spaces These transnational spaces are ethnoburbs with cultural clusters of significant concentration of one minority For example King states in 1990 San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles Country had the largest Chinese population concentration in the USA Such neighbourhoods consisted of Chinese people keeping close ties to their country through radio and television media entertainment in their dialect This created ethnoburb or globurbs where different suburbs turned into ethnic social communities or r
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