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Chapter 10

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Environmental Studies
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ENVS 2200
Roger Keil

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ENVS 2200 – Midterm exam Review (Chapter 10 only derived from –
Chapter 10 – The Urbanization of the World
- globalization and urbanism as a way of life and the powerful interrelationship
between the 2
- As we see the economy grow and our skyscrapers get taller, more
technological advances and so on, there are still some underlying problems,
mainly political, but social and economic inequalities as well. Basically,
urbanization and globalization create a lot of good things as well as bad things
but we are increasingly seeing the reconstruction of the world and city around
us and that’s primarily what this chapter focuses on.
- Majority of the world (3.3 billion) lived in urban areas around the world in
2006 which is basically when we saw the shift from rural to urban and this has
primarily happened in the last 30 years.
- A few popular terms you might want to know: world city, which basically
reflects the rising global influences on urban life and this emerged around the
1960’s. another term is global city which refers to the influence of financial
centers of the global economy and the last important term is global city
region, which refers to the new metropolitan form characterized by sprawling
polycentric networks of urban centres that are basically formed around
important historic urban cores.
- In this chapter, they emphasize megacities and their rapid expanding growth
because of globalization – new york, Tokyo, London, Moscow, shanghai, etc
- There’s a diagram that compares a lot of the megacities around the world
since the 1950’s and how they’ve expanded up until today.
- Understanding the process of urbanization can ultimately help us get a better
sense of a certain space geographically and can help us figure out the internal
configurations of that specific space – what has been studied in megacities and
how they expand and grow within the urban space.
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