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FILM 2401
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Chapter 03-Notes  “Feature film production”(films1 hour in length) one of the major developments during this period end of the decade “two reelers” (expensive + elaborative feature films)” was the major focus ”United artists(1919)” –company formed by D.W Griffith & Charlie Chaplin &Mary Pickford Aim: to keep artistic control over their work; b/c it was difficult as companies became solidified --> HOLLYWOOD’S WORKERS method of organization they adopted followed the craft union traditions of the American federation of Labor .Worker groups divided themselves into defined categories( electricians, carpenters etc..) –RESULT = struggle over union jurisdiction Motion Picture Producers (1922)-run by postmaster General Will Hays ; dealt with issues common to the entire industry from the perspective of ownership+ management & labor relations THE EARLY STUDIO SYSTEM AND VERTICAL INTEGRATION  With the breakup of MPPC &move to the west coast ; producer system replaced the “cameraman ” Thomas Ince pioneered a factory-type system of production organized around the community script; employee salaries accounted for the largest part of a films budget; cost control became crucial; for this reason the most successful companies began to branch out Zukor‟s Famous Players-Lasky (Paramount) –innovation to restrict the availability of films upon their initial release ; first „run on‟ of a film would be shown in theatres owned by the same company than released to theatre owners Famous Players secured its position by  Differentiating its products  Distributing on a national, than international level  Dominating exhibition through ownership of a small number of first-run theatres  „block booking‟ making distributors & exhibitors buy a number of films even if they only wanted one of the more popular offerings produced by HIS company FILM AS A
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