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FILM 2401
Kispal- Kovacs Kovacs

Chapter 4: Hollywood as a genre System Notes ‘Genre’; French word being type The early film industry readily adopted some of the popular, genres in the other arts (ex. theatrical literature + popular literature); than developed genres that were unique to cinema In the cinemas Genre was actually first only looked upon as a form of product differentiation: attempt to make businesses more profitable; making CERTAIN films that would appeal to CERTAIN types of audiences Certain studios became famous for making certain types of films: Westerns, slapstick comedies, etc. Filmmakers accepted the genre system as the basis for much of the work done in Hollywood system of film production; certain directors were known for certain genres 1) John Ford= western films 2) Alfred Hitchcock=thrillers The concept of genre was accepted by both the movie studio & creative talent from very early on in the history of the movies in America; it was also accepted by the movie-going audience (which grew to expect that certain conventions +formulas be followed with some variation from film to film The use of genre as a critical concept would come much later: meaning that although the industry itself was using the concept as a business strategy and film directors as a set of rules to follow  Film theorists didn’t appreciate its importance as an analytic tool until the 1950’s BAZIN argues that the commercial American cinemas did meet the requirements for inclusion in the emerging canon of significant filmic art works Films of a particular genre are tied together
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