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Chapter 6; Notes US Broadcasting Policy (discussion of the history of the television industry in the United States)  Commercial radio broadcasting began shortly after WWI(however goes back to 1890’s when different inventors including Marconi – began developing the technologies required for a system of “wireless telegraphy”  With the support of the American government (which wanted to keep radio technologies in American hands) a number of them banded together to form a patent pool = Radio Corporation of America.( October 7,1919) KDKA = First commercial radio station; opened in Pittsburg in 1920 In the rarely 1920s just about anyone could set up a radio station; station were cutting in on another b/c the assignment off frequencies was very haphazard  the government stepped in ; Radio act of 1927 – PROGRESSIVISM  is a complicated set of political and social beliefs that were popular in the late 19 C & 20 C (series of often contradictory responses to the social problems created by the rise of industrial capitalism) Basic principle : idea that government has an important role in controlling society; they can establish regulation that expands & restricts the power of individuals in society exp ; enactment of anti-trust legislation(Sherman Act of 1890; the idea was unregulated markets led a small number of companies to dominate various industries exp; popular movement for prohibition; individuals could n
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