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FILM 2401
Kispal- Kovacs Kovacs

FILM NOTES; CHAPTER 9; THE POST WAR HOLLYWOOD WESTERN FILM WWII began to change the relationship between the “heroes” of the frontier and the natives with whom they often fought (prior to the war it was difficult to see positive images of natives in western film During the war it created awkwardness around the issue of history of the treatment of Native-Americans by the whites  Early westerns often pitted the natives against the whites in a battle between “civilization” and “savagery” …….. (pages 152-153  An early series of defeats for the US military in the Pacific Theatre of operations during WWII caused difficulties for film makers Combat films that build “the story around the last ‘last stand scenario’ in which heroic representatives of American civilization sacrifices themselves to delay the advance of savage enemy” Most famous: Bataan (1943) – sought to assuage US anxieties caused by the defeat of American forces in the Philippines after the humiliation of Pearl Harbor  Shaped around the heroics of a multi-racial & multi-ethnic platoon of men prepared to sacrifice their lives with the understanding that this stand will buy time to secure future victories  After the War Experienced a renaissance after WWII 1946-1962- most celebrated examples of genre were produced, and far more ”A pictures” westerns were produced before the war  In the context of the Cold War, continued US political and economic expansion westwards into the countrie of the Pacific Rim was considered not just necessary (to counter Russian attempts to do the same) but inevitable =Manifest Destiny(myths of the western had already ingrained in the minds of the American public) When the Korean War broke out in 1950, at the instigation of the “sava
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