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FINE 2000
Mehdi Beyaghi

CH 7 - NPV and Other Investment Criteria 7.2 Other investment criteria payback period - time until cash flows recover the initial investment of the project The payback rule states that a project should be accepted if its payback period is less than a specified cutoff period. - payback does not consider any cash flows that arrive after the payback period - this could result in two different projects being accepted, although only one might have a positive NPV - second problem is that payback gives equal weight to all cash flows arriving before the cutoff period despite the fact that the more distant flows are less valuable -the payback rule will bias the firm against accepting long-term projects because cash flows arriving after payback period are ignored - in spite of these problems, payback is widely used for its simplicity and ability to communicate throughout a firm -payback is widely used when capital investment is small or when merits of the project are so obvious that more formal analysis is unnecessary discounted payback - the time until discounted cash flows recover the initial investment in the project Discounted payback rule asks: how long must the project last in order to offer a positive NPV? - discounted payback offers an advantage over normal payback: if a project meets discounted payback cutoff, it must have a positive NPV because the cash flows accrued upto the discounted payback period are just sufficient to provide a PV equal to the initial investment - it still ignores all cash flows occurring after the arbitrary cutoff date, and will reject some positive NPV opportunities internal rate of return - compute end of year profit per dollar invested in the project (rate of return = profit/investment) Two rules: NPV rule ( invest in any project with positive NPV when cash flows discounted at opportunity cost of capital) and rate of return rule (invest in any project offering rate of retur
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