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The Pass Compos The pass compos is the most common French past tense often used in conjunction with the imperfect The pass compos can express any of the followingI An action completed in the past Astu tudi ce weekend Did you study this weekend Ils ont dj mangThey have already eatenII An action repeated a number of times in the past Oui jai mang cinq fois hierYes I did eat five times yesterday Nous avons visit Paris plusieurs foisWeve visited Paris several timesIII A series of actions completed in the past Quand je suis arriv jai vu les fleursWhen I arrived I saw the flowers Samedi il a vu sa mre a parl au mdicin et a trouv un chatSaturday he saw his mother talked to the doctor and found a catThe pass compos has three possible English equivalents For example jai dans can mean1 I danced simple past 2 I have danced present perfect 3 I did dance past emphatic The pass compos is a compound conjugation which means it has two parts1 present tense of the auxiliary verb either avoir or tre 2 past participle of the main verb
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