GEOG 1400 Chapter Notes - Chapter Global Energy Systems II: Shortwave Radiation, Intel 8086, Advection

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29 Jul 2016
Sept. 21st, 2015
AP GEOG 1400 – BOOK NOTES #3 (Sept. 22)
Conduction, Convection, and Advection
- Heat energy balance of the Earth’s surface is composed of four different flows:
1. Radiant Heat
2. Latent Heat
3. Sensible Heat Flow
4. Ground Heat Flow
Radiant Heat –
Makes up net radiation.
Latent Heat –
Causes evaporating liquids to change into gases.
Sensible Heat Flow –
The heat that we feel on our skin.
Ground Heat Flow (or Soil Heat Flow) –
Heat that is conducted into and out of the Earth’s surface.
Convection –
When warmed air rises, and parcels of air move upward in a vertical heat-transfer.
- Sensible Heat Flow and Ground Heat Flow depends on convection.
Conduction –
The transport of heat energy from one molecule to the next.
Net Radiation
Net Radiation –
Amount of radiation left over when all the incoming and outgoing radiation flows have been
tallied; totals about ¼ of the shortwave radiation originally arriving at the top of the atmosphere.
- The reflectivity (albedo) of the Earth’s surface and its temperature play important roles in
determining the final value of global net radiation.
(ex. There usually is a difference in albedo and surface temperature between areas of land
and of sea at the same latitude.
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