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HIST 1010 Chapter Notes -Loyal Wife, A Prophet, Omen

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HIST 1010
Loredana Kun

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Homer’s Odyssey – January 25 2013
- Epic is about Odysseus’ nostos
- Performance
- Improvisations
- Geras (glory), Sophos (sharp intellect), doloi (tricks)
- Hospitality theme
- Qualities that characterize the hero:
o Strength
o Intellect
o Glory
o Courage and adventure
o Devotion: expedition to Troy/duty
o Ingenuity
o Patience
o Self-control
o Moral issues: right against wrong
o Struggle
o Suffering
- The Odyssey focuses on Odysseus’ nostos (“return home” or “homecoming”)
- I: Gods on Mt. Olympus urged by Athena, the goddess of war, allow Odysseus to
return home. O is in Calypso’s cave on Ogygia. Nymph wants him as her husband. C
means to hide, conceal. She offers O immortality.
- Telemachos seems to be in charge of Penelope, has the power over her and tells her
what to do. She seems surprised but does obey.
- II: The palace of Odysseus is crowded w suitors, because they want hand of his wife
Penelope. At and assembly, Zeus sends an omen of the suitors’ doom. Afterwards,
Telemachos sets sail for the mainland to seek news about his father.
- III: Telemachos consults King Nestor. He suggest him to speak to Menelaus.
- IV: King of Sparta Melelaus tells Telemachos that Odysseus is presently being held
against his will by the nymph Calypso. M offers assistance to T in his quest to find his
- V: Zeus sends Hermes to tell Calypso to free Odysseus. The raft on which he sets sail
is destroyed by his enemy, the god Poseidon. He is washed ashore days later, half-
- VI: Odysseus meets Princess Nausikaa of the Phaeacians. Odysseus follows her into
town to seek help from her father, King Alkinoos. Nausikaa’s dream-preparation for
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