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Chapter 4

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Health Studies
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HLST 1010
Dennis Raphael

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Chapter 4: The Right to Health: Human Rights Approaches to Health Summary
This chapter focuses on the connection between health and human rights. In this chapter
the main point is that those who advocate for health also strive for social/human rights. This
chapter discusses how everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and
mental health, which includes access to healthy working conditions, a clean environment, all
medical services, equal access to treatment, adequate food, and housing. Furthermore, this
chapter argues that right to health are also related to other human rights and how human rights
are all interrelated ,as well as how marginalized groups in societies tend to have poor health due
to their social, economic, and political situation.
Before, reading chapter 4, I never consider how health and human rights were so closely
interrelated and while and after reading this chapter it made sense, human rights strives for
society to reach an equilibrium state, and for people to have access to certain things in order to
live a comfortable life. Therefore, the government and the society must create conditions in
which everyone can have and be healthy as possible.
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