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Health Studies
HLST 1010
Dennis Raphael

HLST 1010 Foundations of Health Studies I September 09 2013 Cracks in the Foundation The Origin and Development of the Canadian and American Health Care Systems Staying Alive Chapter 10 Pages 267281Textbook Notes IntroductionTommy Douglasfather of Medicare considered the greatest Canadian of all time fall 2004 CBC pollingAlmost simultaneously the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Canada Health Act and the relevant provincial legislation do not promise that nay Canadian will receive funding for all medically required treatmentsThe decision shook Canadians pride in universal publicly funded system that we believe is comprehensive serves the needs of all and distinguishes us from our American neighbors th Until the late 20 century Canada and the US had similar health care systemsSome of the disturbing changes in the Canadian health care system represent the cracks in the historical foundation of our health care system The Demographic and Social Origins of North America Health and Health Care 17001900 th19 CenturyCanada and the US both operate under a federal system in which responsibility for health care is split between national and local levels of government and in which the welfare state reflects the dominance of a liberal political tradition Both nations were built by immigrants their populations are a mix of Native European Asian Central and South American and African descendantsTheir populations are sparse and spread over similar geographies large expanses of land that cover diverse climates and terrainsBoth built capitalist economies whose growth centered on the creation of transcontinental markets and that are now deeply integrated with each otherCanada and the US both originally colonies of England so they have common heritage ie common political cultural and economic heritageThe history of health care in North America begins with the informal healing traditions that emerged in the precolonial and colonial periods and predominated until the late th19 centuryMcGill College granted Canadas first medical degree in 1833 and both European and locally trained physicians practiced in Upper Ontario and Lower Quebec Canada but their practices were limited and located primarily in cities
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