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Chapter 3

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Health Studies
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HLST 1010
Dennis Raphael

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Health and Health Care: A Political Economy Perspective In this chapter, Coburn focuses on the links between health and the economic, political and social lie of people in different groups, classes, regions and societies. Materialism examines the way individuals’ lives and idealism stresses the roles of ideas in history. Capitalists make most of their money through the work of others and pay their workers less than the amount they can sell the products. Furthermore, global capitalism, a new phase replacing earlier forms, can be used to examine the historical change and welfare regime types and to account for health and health care inequalities among developing nations. Neo-liberalism emphasizes free enterprise policies produce economic growth, which in turn is the basis for all humans well being. However, in the chapter it argues neo-liberal idealoiogies and politics worsen the difference among the rich and poor market, increasing social determined health inequalities. Many individuals who are poor usuall
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