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Chapter 4

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Health Studies
HLST 1010
Dennis Raphael

The Right to Health: Human Rights and Approaches to Health In this chapter, Rioux focuses on the relationship between health and human rights. She describes the concept of health equity, which is what expresses a commitment of public health to social justice. A rights-based approach to health means using rights as a backbone for health development. There are six human rights principles, universal inherence, inalienability, inherent self-worth of each person, autonomy and self determination, equality for all and preservation if freedom of individuals through social support. Human rights and social justice approach recognizes how rights have to be a concern when approaches to health and social policy that enhance, rather than diminish the well being of all people. She continues to explain how health, law and ethics are all intertwine. She also states how we live in a diverse society, so therefore we cannot assume that something that may be good for one individual will be the same for another. One must focus on community, society and the common good rather than the individual s
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