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CHAPTER 1 Exam notes

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Health Studies
HLST 1010
Dennis Raphael

CHAPTER 1 EPIDIOMIOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO rdHEALTHSEPTEMBER 23 2013 TUTORIALEpidemiology is the study of a small specific population in relation to health so they research more on organs and focus more on the study of health and diseasesThe gap between rich and poor people is the main issue introduces that it plays a big role of health careHealth has various meanings by societal and biological point of viewsSnow established that producing health in a society can be interconnected without understanding the links between the cause and the outcomes of the diseasesIn order to produce health we need a more positive and actionoriented approachIn America there is a gap between rich and poor and it is the least healthiest country They spend less on health care than Canada Between US and Canada they werent that responsive to public opinions and dont take it the opinions into account and because of that there is a large gap between the two countriesThe more poor people are the more poor their health care is If Canada wants to fix this they have to do something about the gap or they will be similar to the poor and wealthy gap to that of the US
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