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Chapter 15

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York University
Health Studies
HLST 1010
Dennis Raphael

November 25, 2013 HLST 1010 TA: Shahram Zaheer Pharmaceutical Policy: The dance between industry, government, and the medical profession The amount Canadians spend and the value we receive, in terms of the improvements in health outcomes is determined by the policies made in regards to the approval of drugs, monitoring the drugs that are on the market, industrial policy, intellectual property rights and the education which doctors receive about medications. In this chapter Lexchin focuses on the background of these issues, how policies about them are made and the roles play by the state, the pharmaceutical industry and medical physicians. Decisions made in relation to drugs involve both economic and political forces from both the international and national level – reflecting the tensions between private profit and public health. Policies made in regards to drugs and drug development costs hundreds of millions of dollars and since so much mon
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