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Chapter 1-2

HLST 2040 Chapter 1-2: activity1

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Health Studies
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HLST 2040

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Define the objective of each association 1. CIHI: Canadian Institute for Health Information, where their goal is to improve the health of Canadians by integrating quality health information and providing precise and better health outcomes. 2. LHIN : Local Health Integration Networks, they are responsible for planning, funding and monitoring health service providers within their designated local areas to enhance community engagement and improve the sharing of information between providers 3. CCAC : Community Care Access Centers are local agencies that provide information about care options in local areas. They assist people to live independently at their homes. They provide professional services such as nursing, rehabilitation, personal support 4. Better Health Together: A public education campaign that is oriented toward educating communities about digital health and how its integration will improve the quality of health 5. MaRS Innovation : Organization that uses the research innovation in health and brings it forward in order to implement systems and processes that achieve efficiency while making sure that costs are not high. They use technologies to improve services. 6. OMA : Ontario Medical Association, their goal is to advocate for the health of citizens by providing accessible, sustainable, and high quality healthcare systems 7. Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA): Organization that is related to improving the health information management. Their aim is to advance the healthcare system into a strong base of health information management Define the following jobs and the set of skills needed in each? Map these skills to existing HLST courses (use the following table)? Job Description Skills HLST course 1. Data Analyst Translated numbers - Knowledge of statistics HLST 4130 into usual, natural - Computer skills language (English). - Programming And use the data to - Excellent make better business Communication decisions. 2. Database IT professional - Communication skills. HLST 3320 administrator responsible for the - Knowledge of database performance, integrity theory. and security of a - Knowledge of database database design. - Knowledge of structured query language (SQL)
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