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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 and 2 Notes

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Health Studies
HLST 2040
Serban Dinca- Panaitescu

Chapter 1 Healthcare Delivery Fundamentalshealthcare provided in a variety of locationsfacilitiesambulatory care facilities care given to patients who do not require an overnight stay outpatient care outnumber other types of healthcare facilities oex healthcare providers own office physicians PTs dentists chiropractorsomedical clinics public health departments walkin clinics urgent care centers majority privately owned dentalchiropractor ownedmanaged by clinicians themselves and large practices owned by doctors in the group but managed by professional adminsuniversities with teaching hospitals ownoperate medical offices and freestanding ambulatory facilities to train physicians and serve communityfew health insurance plans ownoperate ambulatory clinics ex urban health plan NYincreasingly inpatient hospitals are offering ambulatory care through outpatient clinics surgery centers and diagnostic centerssurgical advancesmore procedures performed safely without keeping patient overnightdevelopment of outpatient surgery centers including those not attached to a hospitaloambulatory surgery centers private owned by hospital or doctors offer surgeries lasting2 hours after patient can return home following a few hours of recovery other types of ambulatory facilities are those that provide diagnostic testing radiation therapy or physical therapy on an outpatient basisoreference laboratories test blood and other body fluidsomammogram common ambulatory test radiographic images screen for breast cancer most frequently performed in diagnostic imaging centersoin large cities CAT scansMRI may be available from ambulatory facilities called diagnostic imaging centers although are more frequent in acute care facilities opatients undergoing radiation therapy to treat cancer utilize a freestanding or hospitalbased radiation therapy center 1 or more times a weekoPT is a followup treatment after hospital discharge for patients with injuries disease or a stroke Outpatient PTambulatory facility or home care service Inpatient PTrehabilitation hospitalAcute Care Facilities hospitalserve patients with illnessinjury severe enough that they must stay overnight for 1 or more days inpatientooffer many therapeutic and diagnostic services often organized as separate departments within the hospital surgical ICU and emergency departmentshospitals may provide outpatient services dialysis or radiation therapy clinics and
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