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Chapter 3

Lecture 3 - Chapter 3 Equity & Diversity

Human Resources Management
Course Code
HRM 2600
Indira Somwaru

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Chapter 3/ Lecture 3
Employment Equity the employment of individuals in a fair and unbiased
oVisible minorities
oPersons with disabilities
“All other things being equal.”
“Leveling the playing field.” hire, train and promote
oAll federally regulated organizations (banks, airlines) and contractors to
government (+$200,000) must follow employment equity.
Benefits to Companies Following Employment Equity
- larger pool of applicants
- reduction in human rights complaints
- improved corporate image
- more in touch with customer needs
- increased retention
The Legal Framework
- The Charter of Rights and Freedom
-The Canadian Human Rights Act at Federal and Provincial levels
oProhibiting discrimination – gender, disability, race
- BFOQ/BFOR – Bonafide Occupational Qualification Requirement
oA justifiable reason for discrimination based on business
- Members of the Sikh religion wearing hardhats at
construction sites.
Reasonable Accommodation – employers must try to adjust the working
conditions/schedules of employees with disabilities (ramps) or religions
(personal leave days)
Special Measures – targeted recruitment
- special training initiatives
“Glass Ceiling” – women moving up
“Sticky floor” – immigrants have difficulty getting higher than entry level
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