Chapter 8 - Performance Appraisal

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Chapter 8
Performance Appraisal
A process, typically performed annually by a supervisor for a subordinate,
designed to help employees understand their roles, objectives, expectations,
and performance success.
Purpose of Appraisal Programs: (2 Reasons)
1) Administrative
To give raises or the annual increase
Legal reasons
- Must include documentation of poor performance in
particular which eventually may lead to termination
2) Development
Training (what kind of training do they need)
Career development
Who should appraise?
Manager and/or Supervisor
Appraisal done by an employee’s manager and reviewed by a manager
one level higher.
Appraisal done by the employee being evaluated, generally on an
appraisal form completed by the employee prior to the performance
Peer Appraisal
Appraisal by fellow employees, compiled into a single profile for use in
an interview conducted by the employee’s manager.
Why peer appraisals are not used more often:
1. Peer ratings are simply a popularity contest.
2. Managers are reluctant to give up control over the
appraisal process.
3. Those receiving low ratings might retaliate against their
4. Peers rely on stereotypes in ratings.
Customer Appraisal – restaurant
360 degrees feedback system :
Everyone you work with evaluate your performance
Time consuming because so many people are involved in
evaluating so you have to wait for all the responses
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