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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Selection

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Indira Somwaru

Chapter 6 Selection  the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill existing openings. 1. Recruit (advertise) 2. Select Person-Job Fit  fits job Person-Organizational Fit  fits organizations culture Selection: Can do + Will do Skills Personality Knowledge Values Abilities Motivation (SKAs) Steps in Selection Process Application/Resume  Initial HR Interview  Testing Background Check Department Manager Interviews  Reference Check Selection Methods 1) Work Sample  showing how you can do the job – prof’s interview @ Seneca 2) References * 3) Interviews – Structured  sample q’s for each candidate/ Unstructured  winging it * 4) Personality Tests 5) Aptitude Tests 6) Cognitive Test/Ability 7) Resume * Reliability  (consistency of results) the degree to which selection tools yield comparable data over time, with the same tool, different tools or different raters (interviewers) Interviews References  all give consistent view of person Resumes Validity  the degree to which a test/selection tool measures a person’s attributes for the job. - How predictive the tool is for good job performance. - Fire-fighters climbing a ladder with hose instead of numeric test Work sample  best for validity and reliability – rarely used because of it’s time consuming but would prevent/lower turnover Concepts of Selectivity  having an adequate number of applicants from which to make a selection. S
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