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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 2Strategy and Human Resources PlanningStrategic PlanningStrategic planningprocedures for making decisions about the organizations longterm goals and strategiesHuman resources planning HRPthe process of anticipating and providing for the movement of people into within and out of an organizationStrategic human resources management SHRMthe pattern of human resources deployments and activities that enable an organization to achieve its strategic goalsDramatic shifts in the composition of the labour force require that managers become more involved in planning since such changes affect the full range of HR practices recruitment selection training compensation and motivationIncreased emphasis on HR issues becomes especially critical when organizations consider global strategies mergers relocation of plants innovation downsizing outsourcing offshoring or the closing of operating facilitiesStrategic Planning and HR Planning Linking the ProcessesHR managers are concerned with meshing HRP and strategic planning for the organizationThrough strategic planning organizations set major objectives and develop plans to achieve those objectivesThere are two ways human resources planning relates to strategic planningoStrategy formulationwhats possible Whether the types and numbers of people are available to pursue a given strategy oStrategy implementationOnce strategy is devised executives must make primary resource allocation decisionsStep One Mission Vision and ValuesMissionthe basic purpose of the organization as well as its scope of operationsStrategic visiona statement about where the company is going and what it can become in the future clarifies the longterm direction of the company and its strategic intentCore valuesthe strong and enduring beliefs and principles that the company uses as a foundation for its decisionsUnderlying parameters for how the company will act toward customers employees and general publicStep Two Environmental AnalysisAnalysis of external opportunities and threatsChanges in the external environment have an impact on the way organizations are run and how people are managedSuccessful strategic management depends on an accurate and thorough evaluation of the environment because some changes are good opportunities and some are threatsEnvironmental scanningsystematic monitoring of the major external forces influencing the organizationThe following six forces monitored most frequently1Economic factors including general regional global conditions2industry and competitive trends including new processes services and innovations3Technology changes including information technology innovations and automation4Government and legislative issues including laws and administrative rulings5Social concerns including child care elder care the environment and educational priorities6Demographic and labour market trends including age composition and literacyCompetitive EnvironmentAnalysis of the firms competitive environment is central to strategic planningIn strategic planning firms analyze the competitive environment in order to adapt to or influence the nature of competitionThe more power the force has the less profitable the industry will beCustomersMost important assessments a firm can make is identifying the needs of its customersOrganizations need to know how theyre going to provide value to customersfoundation for strategy and influences the kinds of skillsbehaviours that will be needed from employeesRival FirmsNeed to know who is your competition need to think outside the boxExample Toys R UsWalmart wasnt a toy store but moved into toys successfully New EntrantsTo protect their position companies try to establish entry barriers tot keep new firms out of the industriesSubstitutes
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