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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 3Equity and Diversity in Human Resources ManagementEmployment Equitythe employment of individuals in a fair and non biased mannerEmployment equity legislation affects all aspects of the employment relationshipEmployment EquityWomen visible minorities and people with disabilities make up over 60 of Canadas labour force and their numbers are risingThe implementation of employment equity has involved establishing policies and practices designed to ensure equitable representation in the workforce and to redress past discriminationsThere are four designated groups in Canada that havent received equitable treatment in employmentDesigned groupsWomen visible minorities Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities who have been disadvantaged in employmentStatus of Designated GroupsDesignated groups face disadvantages in employment even though they make up 60 of Canadas workforceDisadvantages include high unemployment occupational segregation pay inequalities and limited opportunities for career progressWomenoConcentrated in occupations that are of lower status and payoUnderrepresented as semiprofessionals technicians supervisors in trades skilled craftstrades salesservice personnel management positions members of boardsFirst NationsoUnemployment rate is more than twice the national averageoFace barriers because of low educational achievement and lack of job experience culturallanguage barriersoAdvantages their economic selfsufficiency and participation in the economy People with DisabilitiesoThe unemployment rate for people with disabilities who are employable is higher than the national unemployment rateoThey face attitudinal barriers physical demands that are unrelated to job requirements and inadequate access to technical and human support systemsoEmployers must focus on abilities not disabilitiesBenefits of Employment Equity
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