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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Human Resources Management
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HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

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Chapter 5Expanding the Talent Pool Recruitment and CareersRecruiting Talent ExternallyRecruitment is the process of locating potential individuals who might join an organization and encourage them to apply for existing or anticipated job openingsWhen there is an opening managers need to make decisions about whom to bring into the position and how best to approach itThe question isnt whether to bring people in its what level they should be brought in toOutside Sources for RecruitmentOutside sources vary with the type of position needing to be filledLabour market is another factor that helps determine which recruiting sources a firm should useApplicants who find employment through referral by a current employee tend to remain with the organization longer and give higherquality performance than employees recruited through the formal recruitment sources of advertisements and employment agenciesAdvertisementsOne of the most common methods of attracting applicantsHas the advantage of reading a large audience of possible applicantsThe preparation of recruiting advertisements is timeconsuming and requires lots of creativityCorrelation between accuracy and completeness of information in ads and the recruitment success of the organizationAdvertising can sometimes place a burden on a companys employment officemany applicants who apply who know they dont meet the job requirements are still attracted Unsolicited Applications and ResumesIts believed that those who contact the employer on their own initiative will be better employees than those recruitedAny person contacting the organization for a job should be treated with courtesy and respectMust be honest and direct with the applicant if they have no hope dont lead them onResearch shows that a candidate whos been well treated by a potential employer will tell othersa candidate who was treated poorly will tell on average 11 other peopleInternet RecruitingMost commonly used search tactic by job seekersApplicant tracking systems can match job requirements with the experiences and skills of applicantsSome companies still report problems with internet recruitingmost frequent complain is that 80 of candidates who respond are appropriate for the positionEmployee ReferralsWord of mouth recommendations are the way most job positions are filled13 of new hiresThe quality of employeereferred applicants is normally high since employees are hesitant to recommend individuals who might not perform wellHow to increase the effectiveness of employee referral programsoUp the antesome firms pay high commissions to employees oPay for performancesome firms save part of the referral bonus until the new hire has stayed for6 monthsoTailor the problemeducate employees about the kinds of people the organization wants to hireoIncrease visibilitybest way to publicize referral programs is to celebrate successesoKeep the datakeep a persons resume even if they did not get a joboRethink your taboossome firms are reluctant to take on certain hires ie former employees relatives etcgood to broaden the searchoWiden the programask potential hires for referralsoMeasure resultsafter the program is implemented measures take a look at the number of referrals qualifications of candidates and success of new hires on the jobresults are then fed back DisadvantagesoPossibility of inbreedingadverse impact on designed groupsoSince employees and their referrals tend to have similar backgrounds employers who rely heavily on employee referrals to fill job openings may intentionally or unintentionally screen out discriminate against members of designed groupsoNepotisma preference for hiring relatives of current employeesExecutive Search FirmsHelp employers find the right person for the jobDo not advertise in the media for job candidates nor do they accept a fee from the individual being placedFees range from 3040 of the annual salary for the position to be filled
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