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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 7Training and DevelopmentTraining plays a central role in nurturing and strengthening competencies and becoming part of the backbone of strategy implementationKSAsknowledge skills abilitiesThe Scope of TrainingAll employees need some type of ongoing trainingto maintain effective performance or to adjust to new ways of workTrainingnarrowly focused and oriented toward shortterm performance concernsDevelopmentoriented toward broadening an individuals skills for future responsibilitiesTraining and Developmentrecognizes the combination of activities organizations use to increase the skill base of employeesInvestments in TrainingTraining ranges from simple onthejob instruction to sophisticated skills training conducted on multimilliondollar simulatorsExamples customer service sales and management training personal growth and communication skills trainingA Systems Approach to TrainingGoal of training to contribute to the organizations overall goalsMany organizations cant make the connection between their strategic objectives and their training programsThese organizations follow fads fashions or whatever their competition is doing in regards to trainingBecause of this an organizations investment in training can be wasted because the programs are poorly designed misdirected and inadequately evaluatedall these can directly affect organizational performanceA system approach to training is used to ensure that investments in training and development have maximum impact on the individualorganizational performancePhase 1 Needs AssessmentPhase 2 Program DesignPhase 3 ImplementationPhase 4 EvaluationPhase 1 Needs AssessmentWhere training is needed who needs it and which methods deliver the needed KSAs to employeesInadequate training clues workers consistently fail to achieve productivity objectives lots of customer complaintsOrganization AnalysisOrganization analysisexamination of the environment strategies and resources of the organization to determine where training emphasis should be placed
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