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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 12Safety and HealthSafety and health accident are both numerous and costly to employersManagers must ensure a work environment that protects employees from physical hazards unhealthy conditions unsafe acts of other personnelSafety and Health Its the LawOccupational injuryany cut fracture sprain or amputation resulting from a workplace accident or from an exposure involving an accident in the work environmentOccupational illnessany abnormal condition or disorder other than one resulting from an occupational injury caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employmentDuties and ResponsibilitiesDuty of every employer is to take every reasonable precaution to ensure employee safetyDuties of EmployersMust inform employees about safetyhealth requirementsKeep records compile an annual summary of workrelated injuriesillnessesEnsure that their supervisors are familiar with the work and its associated hazardsRequired to report to the Workers Compensation Board all accidents that cause injuries and diseaseRequired to prove due diligencestabling a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system provide supervision training and instructionDuties of WorkersEmployees are required to comply with all acts and regulationsMust report hazardous conditions or defective equipmentFollow all employer safety and health rulesregulations Have a right to refuse unsafe work without fear of reprisalDuties of SupervisorsSupervisor is a person who has charge o a workplace and authority over a workerOccupational health and safety require supervisors to advise employees of potential hazards ensure that workers usewear safety equipmentdevicesclothing and provide written instructionsDuties of Joint Health and Safety CommitteesIts required that health and safety committees beset up with union and management representationGoal is to establish a nonadversarial climate for creating safe and healthy workplacesPenalties for Employer NoncomplianceVary across provincesterritoriesHealth and safety acts provide fines up to 500000 and offenders can be sent to jail
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