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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 13Employee Rights and DisciplineEmployee Rights and PrivacyEmployees rights to protest unfair disciplinary action have access to their personal files challenge employer searches and monitoring and to be free from employer discipline for offduty conductEmployee Rightsguarantees of fair treatment from employers particularly regarding an employees right to privacyEmployees may feel they have a reasonable expectation of privacy regarding personal calls made from work phones email messages made to others at work freedom employers random searches of their personal belongings they probably dont if employers tell them they dontEmployee Rights vs Employer ResponsibilitiesEmployers responsibility to provide a safe workplace for employees while guaranteeing safe quality goods and services to consumersNegligencefailure to provide reasonable care where such failure results in injury to consumers or other employeesEmployment Protection RightsEmployees should look at their jobs as an established rightone that shouldnt be taken away without just causeStatutory RightsStatutory Rightsrights that derive from legislationProtects employees from discrimination on the basis of things like age sex racePay equity legislationhow women and men are compensatedHealth and safety legislationensure safehealthful working conditionsLabour relationsgives employees the right to formbelong to unionsbargain for better working conditionsContractual RightsContractual rightsrights that derive from contractsContractlegally binding contractOutlines what constitutes fair notice and justification for dismissal An organization shouldnt ask an employee to sign a contract after beginning workImplied contractual rightsbased on oral or written statementsthey can be made during the preemployment process or after the hireAn implied contract may become binding in these situationsoEmployees are told their jobs are secure as long as they perform okay and are loyaloEmployee handbook states the employees wont be terminated without the right of defense or access to an appeal procedureoAn employee is persuaded to leave another organization by promises of higher wagesbenefits the hiring company then break their word after hiring that personTo reduce vulnerability to implied contract lawsuits employers should
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