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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Shelley Millman

Chapter 15International Human ResourcesManaging Across BoardersInternational corporationa domestic firm that uses its existing capabilities to move into overseas marketsoAdapt existing products for overseas markets without changing much about their normal operationsMultinational corporation MNCa firm with independent business units operating in multiple countriesGlobal corporationa firm that has integrated worldwide operations through a centralized home officeoOperate like a domestic firm except they view the whole world as their marketplaceTransnational corporationa firm that attempts to balance local responsiveness and global scale via a network of specialized operating unitsoUses a network structure that coordinates specialized facilities position around the worldThese companies affect the world economy in these waysoTheir productiondistribution extend beyond national boundaries making it easier to transfer technologyoThey have direct investments in many countries oThey have a political impact that leads to cooperation among countries to thebreaking down of barriers of nationalismHow Does the Global Environment Influence ManagementCreation of freetrade zones within Europe North America and the Pacific RimPoliticallegal factors are a huge consideration in choosing companies in which to open your businessCultural environmentthe communications religion values and ideologies education and social structure of a countryoImportant implications when it comes to a companys decision about when and how to do business thereHost countrya country in which an international corporation operatesStrategies structures and management styles that are appropriate in one cultural setting may lead to failure in another even with countries that have close language or cultural links HR practices can be differentDomestic versus International HRMInternational places a greater emphasis on functions and activities such as relocation orientation and translation services to help employees adaptGlobal HR management has become a huge issue for a variety of firmsA good HRIS system can facilitate communication record keeping and other activities worldwideoSome are designed to track the whereabouts of employees travelling on assignments
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